The BELPROFILE offer was created taking into consideration the highest level of quality and it was harmonized so that it covers a wide range of requests, from renovations to contemporary construction.
Modular profiles, made with Finnish production equipment, renowned for exceptional reliability and mechanical strength. They have been used successfully in residential constructions and public projects for over 15 years in Europe.
Combined solutions of standing seam metal and metal scales for new or renovated roofs. Elegance and modernism - the versatile solution designed for both classical and modern architecture.
Practical, economical and easy to maintain, BELPROFILE corrugated metal sheet is the perfect solution for a wide variety of lightweight constructions.
BELPROFILE rainwater systems are designed in two dimensional variants in order to obtain efficiency adapted to each type of roof, in different climatic conditions. For a perfect harmonization with the cover, they are available in an extended color range.
BELPROFILE accessories offer resistance over time to the roof, increasing the protection of your home. They are made from the highest quality materials and they are available in the same color range as the roof systems.